A suburban observatory in Worcestershire, UK based on a metal garden shed

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  Construction 5 - Erecting the Shed


Shed up!  Firstly, this is the basic shed frame up. The door (front) is to the left of the picture. The whole floor frame has been pulled forwards to allow access to install the panels at the back of the shed.  Putting up these types of shed is definitely a two person job and is very time consuming.  Make sure you have a step ladder, some rigger glove for handling the sharp edged metal sheets and a ratchet screw driver for doing up the myriad of self-tapping screws.  I would advise against attempting to use a power tool to do up these screws as it is easy to strip the threads and/or spoil the heads of the screws.



The uppermost frame of the shed is made up of four galvanised steel rails. The nearest (A) and farthest (B) sections of this frame were only screwed in at this stage to provide stability until the wooden frame was attached. These rails were later used on the roof and the metal panels that would normally be attached to these rails were be screwed directly into the wooden frame.

  Once the rear metal panels were screwed in, the whole shed was pushed back to it's final position and the side and front panels installed.  Each side of the rectangular base, middle and upper frames is made up of two shorter pieces of L or U- shaped metal sections screwed together.  Where the two sections overlap, the holes for screwing in the panels rarely aligned properly and I had to drill out new holes for the self tapping screws that are used to attach the shed panels.




The doors and door surrounds were installed much later in the build in order to make it easier to install the large sheets of Sterling Board that made up the floor.


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Last updated -  2nd September 2006

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