A suburban observatory in Worcestershire, UK based on a metal garden shed

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  Construction 2 - Starting Work


The first job was to build the basic frame for the shed floor. This was held together with temporary fixings as it would be subsequently taken apart.  I then cut the basic shape of the floor panels (made from 18 mm OS Board - a.k.a.  Sterling Board) to fit this frame and temporarily erected the basic shed frame.  I then mounted the scope on a tripod on the floor, and made final checks on the best height and position for the concrete pier.  The optimum height for the pier was the highest it would go without the top of the telescopes being hit by the roof as it opened and closed.  I then took the whole structure apart ready to start installing the pier.



Basic floor frame made from 150 mm x 250 mm (6 inch x 1 inch) pre-treated joists Meade 8 inch LX200 classic with piggybacked Orion 80ED refractor mounted on tripod

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Last updated -  20th September 2006

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