A suburban observatory in Worcestershire, UK based on a metal garden shed

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  Construction 14 - Fitting Out


Two pieces of 430mm (17 inch) deep kitchen worktop were attached to the south wall of the observatory to serve as a desk.  This depth was chosen so that I could fit a computer screen on it and have the facility (if I should ever need it) to put a copy of the deluxe version of the Sky Atlas 2000 laid out on the desk and/or to put a laptop on it.  Above the desk is a deep shelf to hold books, charts, accessories and CDs.   A thick heavily insulated canopy sits above the shelf and act as a dew shield, helping keep books and accessories dew free.   A task light is mounted underneath the shelf (see Internal Electrics).  Next to the shelf are a white board and a notice board.  Except when observing objects low down in the south, the roof (which rolls off to the south) is usually left only partially open to provide a degree of dew protection for the books and accessories.


On the walls are posters of The Moon, a star chart, and  of the Messier objects, each mounted on hardboard.  .



The computer tower is surrounded by a dew shield made of a thin sheet of MDF lined with cut up camping sleeping mat.  This consists of a thin layer foam faced with a silvered foil.  The front and back are left open to stop it overheating.  There is a similar arrangement that sits over the computer screen.  The screen also has an anti-glare screen fitted. The keyboard and mouse are on a pull out shelf set below the desk.

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