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  Observations - The Moon



Images of the Moon are split into three pages.  The 'Lunar Features' page shows specific features on the surface of the Moon in alphabetical order.  The Lunar 100 page shows features on Charles Wood Lunar 100 list.  'Moon Images' shows all other pictures of the Moon including wide field shots, large mosaics and eclipse pictures.     The latest lunar images are shown below.

  Observations - Lunar Features (alphabetical)

   Observations - Moon Images

  Observations - Lunar 100 (updated)      
  Latest Lunar Images   Observations-    
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  29th August 2010          
  Maurolycus Terminator mosaic        
  22nd March 2010          
  Werner X (animation) Werner X (sequence)        
  22nd December 2009          
  Proclus (L12) Proclus (L12) Theophilis, Cyrillus and Catharina (L8)    
  25th November 2009          
  Clavius (L9) Rupes Recta (L15) Sinus Aestuum (L79)      
  8th October 2009          
  Rupes Altai (L7) Valentine Dome (L89) Valentine Dome (L89)      
  25th July 2009          
  Mare Marginis (L100) Mare Smythii (L73) Mare Humboldtianum (L70)      
  2nd July 2009          
  Mare Marginis (L100)          
  29th June 2009          
  Mare Humboldtianum Hercules and Atlas Hercules, Atlas, Endymion and Mare Humboldtianum  Lacus Mortis Posidonius  
  31st May 2009          
  Aristoteles and Eudoxus Cassini Posidonius Vallis Alpes    
  3rd May 2009          
  Copernicus Sinus Aestuum        
  8th April 2009          
  Mare Marginis & Mare Smythii        
  29th March 2009          
  Mare Crisium Petavius        
  10th March 2009          
  Full Moon          
  1st March 2009          

  Rheita Valley Janssen


  31st January 2009          
  Theophilis and Cyrillus Mare Nectaris        
  6th January 2009          
  Tycho Sinus Iridium Clavius, Scheiner and Blancanus Plato    


Moretus (mosaic)



  3rd January 2009          

  Theophilis and Cyrillus

Lindsay and Apollo 16

Rima Hyginus and Rima Ariadaeus


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